Ten reasons every Nigerian should start freelancing now


There are a lot of uncertainties in the world at the moment because of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The world is changing so fast, and no one knows how it would look like when this pandemic is over.

One thing that is almost certain is that the way we work and do business would change and that would open up space for more opportunities to freelance in Nigeria for Nigerians.

There are several reasons to venture into freelancing, but I would give just ten reasons why becoming a freelancer in Nigeria now is an easy decision.

1.      The workplace might change forever

After this pandemic, most companies would have seen how they have saved lots of money from overhead cost by allowing their staff to work from home.

I reckon that they would adopt work from home even more often and that would mean more companies around the world including Nigeria would look for freelancers to work for them remotely.

2.      Receiving payments is no longer a problem

One of the big issues Nigerians have had over the years is how to receive payments from foreign clients since they cannot get paid through Paypal.

However, that is no longer an issue as there are so many alternatives to Paypal now, including Payoneer and TransferWise, read this article to get a full list of how you can get paid in Nigeria.

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3.      There are just too many opportunities out there

It would surprise you that a skill you have taken for granted would pay you very well as a freelancer.

As an example, I loved watching and reading about football, never in my wildest expectation did I think they would pay me to write about football.

But that is how I started freelancing, I couldn’t believe that I was making four times (N200,000) what I made monthly (N50,000) at my normal job but that is how powerful your current skill might just be.

4.      You can finally take control of your destiny

With freelancing, you are in control of your destiny, you would no longer rely on an employer to feed you and give you a pension for the rest of your life.

You could decide what other things you want to do with your life since you no longer have to go to an office and spend the whole day in there even when you have nothing productive to do.

5.      Own your time again

As a freelancer, you choose how many hours in a day and at what time in a day that you would want to start and stop working.

You can take weekends off and also take a month off for a holiday with no employer threatening with a sack because you want to take your earned annual leave.

6.      No more limits to your earnings

When you work at a 9 to 5 job, no matter how high in the ranks you go, you don’t have control over how much you make.

No matter how good you become at your job, there is a limit to what you can earn.

But as a freelancer, your earnings are unlimited and you alone can decide if you have had enough or if you want to get more by taking on more jobs.

7.      If you work overtime, you get paid for it

As a freelancer, no one would give you extra work or ask you to work outside your normal work time without paying you.

Companies can escape that, I know that you may have even been owed countless overtime bonuses at a job before, but that can hardly as a freelancer.

In freelancing, you choose when you would stop working and anyone who gives you extra work would pay you extra cash.

8.      You will learn more than you did/do on a normal job

One of the great deceptions of working 9-5 is that the job would give you the chance to learn new stuff.

Companies use that line mostly to lure fresh graduates into their companies.

However, sometimes these individuals would end of spending years at that company and they would not learn something new.

But as a freelancer, you would learn countless new things because you would service clients from all over the world and if you pay attention, you could learn more in a short time than you ever did in your entire time at a 9-5.

9.      You can do what you love and make money off it

Whatever you love doing, I guarantee you that there is a client out there who will pay you for it.

When you search for services in a place like Fiverr, you would be shocked at the skills that some sellers are offering. Even more surprising is the fact people are paying them good money for these skills.

Don’t just sit on what you like, make some money off it.

10. Work wherever you like

This is my favourite, I have had the chance to live in several cities because of the opportunity to work wherever I like as a freelancer.

Freelancers are the only ones that can pack their bags and move to a new country on short notice and they could still work there as long as there is an internet connection and power.

Freelancing is changing the world, and you shouldn’t be a spectator. Come on this journey and become one of the lucky few who get to live their dreams as freelancers.


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